Introducing the ultimate mobile based digital currency platform
based around mobile games and apps.

The Phuket platform features it's own exchange, forums and wallets.
Mine and spend your coins in games and apps hosted on the Phuket platform.

Built-in exchange

Phuket is traded on the app's built-in exchange, allowing for the fastest trades and deposits possible. The exchange trades in BTC and CNY.

Built-in forum

Phuket app has built-in forums where you can communicate with the rest of the community and with the developers. You can also tip and receive tips from users for a good post.

Passive and active mining

Phuket mining system allows you to mine coins with movement of the phone, but you can also upgrade your account to earn coins passively without any effort. Each level upgrade gives you more coins.

An encouraging referral system

Invite other users to Phuket and earn an extra 10% coins when they mine.

Game Coin

Phuketcoin is centered around games where you can earn and spend your coins. You can check out the games you can play by going into the "Games" part of the Phuket platform app.

Lend system

Give your coins to another user, which he will use to upgrade his account and mine more coins. You will receive a portion of his mined coins untill you get a total of 120% of your investment.

PhuketCoin Exchange

Trade Phuketcoin on the Phuket exchange. You can buy and sell your coins in both CNY and BTC.

Password Reset

Reset your Phuketcoin password in case you forgot it, or if you want to change it.

PhuketCoin Webview

If you own an iPhone, you can login to your webview account and control your referrals, make transactions, upgrade your account and much more.

PhuketCoin Info

Check out the latest, real-time updated information about the current important stats about mining and accounts in Phuketcoin.

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